Floramatique and Real Touch Flowers- Difference





Well to date I have had several emails from designers all over the world who have had the same problems with the Floramatique mentioned below. Unless they change their pricing and the integrity of this type we and several others now, are no longer promoting, buying or selling them anymore.  


I am  not only disappointed but very disgusted after promoting the Floramatique line of flowers, with recent events.  I have a  bride from the U.S. that I have spent time, travel and money on, and likewise the time she has spent in conversations with me adds up to many hours. This bride is meticulous in her choices and I unfortunately thought I was selling her the best. Was I ever wrong, and it appears the knowlegeable agree with me.

Along with many things this bride and I are doing together, I  completed her very expensive bouquet with Floramatique flowers that have been in my shop for just over 2 months. After completing the bouquet, I noticed the Floramatique dahlias in a cream colour have all changed colour and gone a noticeable, brown and pale orange hue. They plainly look old, and absolutely disgusting in her bouquet. I bought these on sale with smaller stems as I believed it was a promotion and at that time they looked ok.

I contacted my supplier here in Canada, and they out and out refused to compensate me at all for the flowers that are not only in the brides bouquet, but the others that I cannot do anything with and were to go in the bridesmaids bouquets ( 6 more bouquets to be exact). I got told that what I purchased were sample florals…. no one could tell me how long they had been around…. but it doesn’t matter, the importer won’t even stand behind their product.

Dahlias ,Callas & Amaryllis

Anything it seems in the Floramatique line that has a white or cream colour will and has changed colour, specifically the callas and for sure the dahlias and now we have heard the amaryllis as well . There is a warning on the box that states they may change colour due to environment…. and that’s fair, but certainly not before the arrangements are even complete and for sure not having been exposed to any elements whatsoever, including the sun.

Due to this turn of events, I will no longer promote the Floramatique line of flowers, and of course severed my ties with that supplier. This was a long standing relationship between them and myself, and to be treated in a cavalier manner about this problem doesn’t sit well at all.  The bride is absolutely in love with her bouquet however it now needs to be taken apart and replaced with something else. This results in disappointment for the bride, doesn’t make our company look very good, and certainly leaves a bitter taste in my mouth with this supplier.  

Long term customers deserve to be treated fairly, and if the product is inferior, then it should be replaced. This was an expensive lesson on my part.

I believed the Floramatique were overpriced to begin with and couldn’t justify the markup to a lot of brides when the real touch in a lot of cases are not only better, but far more realistic, especially the orchids and callas I carry now. Those that contacted me feel the same way about the real touch.

I could spray the Floramatique with a possible sealer, however that would only add expense to an already expensive flower and I don’t know if it would last, or peel, or make the flower worse. Dyeing them is another whole story in itself.

August 21, 2008

Please Note: (Completed Designs Excluded)


Within the last 6 months or so, we have been directing many inquiries to the real touch wholesalers of these flowers. We have had to change our policy. It has been far too time consuming for our staff to answer all the emails and direct these inquiries to the proper source. We are not salespeople for these companies. We will ship directly to you charging retail prices for individual stems.

 Check with us for availability on your requirements. All special orders will have to be paid in advance prior to us shipping.


We will continue to design and ship completed arrangements as ordered throughout North America. All arrangments are shipped via Canada Post and USPS to our American customers to keep shipping costs down . We do expedite rush orders. We will be posting special pricing packages and pictures of designs within the next few months.

In this picture- amaryllis, roses, orchidjen_final.jpgs-as you can see the Floramatique rose looks spongy.


Real touch orchids on wedding cake- they are identical to real orchids

Permanent  botanicals in the florist industry have come a very long way. An alternative to real flowers are the real touch  These flowers can fool the most seasoned professional at times, until a closer inspection and in most cases are superior to the Floramatique in looks.

Floramatique have colours injected into the petals and are not dyed like the standard artificial flower. A natural variation in the petals and stems, veins showing, along with thickness, and a soft moist touch,  make these flowers look and feel like the real thing, but only in some flowers. The Floramatique orchid has veins that are far too deep to look realistic and some of the other types offered are the same way.  They are made of polyurethane, not latex- are are supposedly waterproof and  crush proof, but will fade and, will change colour if using the lighter colours plus the callas rip easily.

Real touch are less expensive and some are made of latex. Others are an actual silk flower with a coating on them to make them feel real.  These are a great alternative to the Floramatique.  These florals are considered a grade 5 or 6 which is the highest grading of artificial flowers.  realtouch.jpg


I have left these pictures rather large so you can see the quality of this new generation flower.  There is a varied assortment of flower types available. 

The orchids are real touch, the roses and amaryllis in the above pictures are Floramatique. They are spongy to the feel. The Floramatique are more expensive than the real touch.   

Real touch bouquets have been added below so you can see them in a as they appear in a bouquet.




These are high end real touch in semi cascade bouquet.

Here it is the end of May 2008 and the response plus inquiries to these flowers directly to me has really kept me busy.
In another post I mentioned where inquiries were coming from, but just today I spoke with Australia, Georgia, and England. If you want the real touch flowers, I can sell directly to anyone that inquires at You are more than welcome to send me an email with your specific requirements, but please remember I am a wedding decorator, florist first, and as this is the busy season my responses may be a couple of days coming back to you. If the traffic to me keeps going as it has in the last few months, who knows, I may give up the business entirely, and strictly wholesale and retail these wonderful flowers.

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